Video Media

NZXSTREAM in action

A short video showing a reverse and trim control unit mounted in a wattscraft hull with a 773 hamilton jet and 350 chev.

How to install a NZXSTREAM controller

This video steps you through the installation process of one of our reverse controllers.

Tools required :

  • 13mm spanner

  • Allen key set

  • Loctite

  • Center punch/hammer

  • 6mm Drill bit

  • Counter sink drill

  • 60mm Holesaw

Trim friction adjustment

A detailed video on how to adjust the trim friction on your NZXSTREAM reverse and trim control unit.

Tools required:

  • 2.5mm Allen Key

Helpful note* when setting trim, allow for the fact that when locking the the grub screws down it will add some additional friction.